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Happy Bitcoin Black Friday!


Bitcoin Black Friday is upon us! The annual event returns for its fifth year and as always, it is bigger and better than ever!

In 2012, Jon Holmquist launched the website as a one-stop shop for merchants to list their exclusive Black Friday bitcoin discounts and for consumers to find them. A handful of merchants took part in the first year, however, as the awareness of bitcoin has grown, the event has seen an ever increasing number of participants. Last year saw over 150 merchants take part and this year, the number is expected to be close to 200.

It is a one day website event where merchants can list the deals they’re offering their customers on Black Friday and anyone who is interested in spending bitcoins on Black Friday can go to the website and see all the merchandise offered – Jon Holmquist

With over 100 deals and discounts already listed on the site, here’s a few of our favourites: –  Funny themed t-shirts, accessories and posters with 25% off everything this weekend!

bitcointee netflixtee pokemontee

Beard Friendly – Got a buddy with a beard to buy for this Christmas? Beard Friendly are offering 35% off gift cards – perfect for keeping that beard in tip top condition.


Bees Brothers – Products made from honey and beeswax with a sweet (ha!) saving of 20% on everything this Friday and Saturday.

bees1 bees2

Ledger – A popular hardware wallet among bitcoin enthusiasts – it’ll be even more popular after today with 21% off all Ledger products.

ledger1 ledger2

The full list of sellers, deals and discounts are available here.

Black Friday traditionally kicks off the Christmas shopping season. Not started your Christmas shopping yet? Check out our latest blog post: The Best Christmas Gifts You Can Buy For Bitcoin

Ps. Don’t forget to tweet us @CoinCorner and share your Bitcoin Black Friday bargains!


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