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Americans Are Already Voting on Blockchain



We are just days away from seeing the results of one of the most polarizing presidential election campaigns in memory, but one of the (many) claims made by Donald Trump revolves around the voting being rigged.

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Could it be true that the admittedly archaic and outdated US voting system is being taken advantage of by the powers that be for their own interests?

Source: CoinTelegraph

How does it affect the (bitcoin) industry?

Mock US Blockchain Election

First of all this is a click bait title at it’s finest! The proof of concept in question is exactly that, a proof of concept and nothing more.

Well, one company has just launched a mock US election using blockchain technology hoping to mitigate the risks posed by tampered votes, multiple votes and other weaknesses inherent of the current system. Although only at a tech demonstration level, ‘Expanse’ has built a simple application using its own blockchain to prove the viability of the technology. They are currently hosting a mock US election, which anyone can go and try out! (just under 400 votes at time of writing) However trying to dig down into the technology Expanse have built their platform on over some lunch yielded meagre results, so I thought I’d explore a few options which could be viable…

Blockchain Voting Models

The first model I came across was touted by Follow My Vote:

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Their model revolves around taking the current voting process and bringing it entirely online. The voter downloads an app, verifies their identity, registers to vote and when the time comes casting their vote, the system allows third party results verification (anyone using the app would be able to audit the ballot), all whilst retaining privacy and top level security.

The second model was discussed in the CoinCorner office, with an idea long held by Danny for blockchain voting using the existing bitcoin blockchain.

The idea would revolve around the Government/organisation giving each registered voter a bitcoin wallet containing an identical amount of BTC. They can only gain control of this wallet on Election Day, where they are presented with the private key to their wallet at the polling booth. They can then send the small amount of BTC to the candidate of their choice’s wallet (again issued by the Government/organisation) and the candidate with the most amount of bitcoin wins!
It’s surprising that there hasn’t been more progress on this within the community pushing a bitcoin based solution… after all, with the recent stories casting doubt over the integrity of privately run blockchains, bitcoin seems to be the perfect solution sat there and waiting!

How does it affect CoinCorner?

Well, directly… it doesn’t.

However indirectly being safe in the knowledge that our countries representatives have been elected through a transparent, traceable, secure and convenient democratic process CoinCorner would be able to sleep easily at night… no matter what regulatory hurdles are thrown it’s way!

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed here represent those of the contributor, not necessarily those of CoinCorner.

Is blockchain voting the answer to election rigging? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…


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